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About Us

What is Escimma?

ESCIMMA’s meaning is currently kept hidden in a secret vault. But its sole purpose can easily be defined by two simple words, to share. Whether it’s a simple tutorial about fixing nails (just kidding) or a complete guide on developing desktop software. ESCIMMA intends to share things that we think is worth sharing.

Our Content

Escimma’s projects mostly involves programming. Whether it’s a web or a desktop ( mobile ) app, we intend to share applications that might ( or might not ) be useful to you. You can also find tutorials or logs that we wrote while making our projects. Mostly written in PDF format for easier reader access. Finished product might also be available for download, though we might have to limit usage to some application that is created on software with free version only.

Site Disclaimer

We simply just want to share what we learn. But we’re not professionals. Here you might see projects or tutorials that might not help or reach your standards. See practices and ideas that might not work for you or aren’t considered the best way. Arts and quotes that is not designed properly. We are still exploring things, we intend to always continue learning. We believe that through sharing we can also learn and expand our knowledge. So please bear with us always. And for that, we thank you.

Have questions or suggestions about Escimma and its projects?

Projects you see in this site are created for educational purposes only. We create things for fun at the same time it hones our skill, if there is any. Arts and quotes (specially quotes) used are all ideas by the author. Whether its spreads awareness or stupidity, all posters are created with no intention of copyrighting other works.

In case we violate some of your terms, please contact us stating your concerns together with the link of our material that offended you.

Feel free to feel up the form below. Thank you!