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Adding Chart – One Punch Man Training App

After filling our Progress object with the data we gathered from our xml file. We will now try to display it in our chart.

Adding Chart to a Form

Let’s put the chart in our SubjectForm.

  • While in form design view open the Toolbox
  • in the Data category, select Chart
  • and drag the chart control to the design area

Configure your chart properties like what the image below show.
One Punch Man Training App Chart

Note: We will not discuss how we made our chart looks like that. As you can easily configure your chart’s properties in the Visual Studio designer. Just be sure to take note on the names I used in the code that will be adding later.

Additional Information

All charts data will come from our Progress property named GetExercises. Remember that this only supplies list of exercises name and repetitions (e.g: PushUps, 100). In the chart above, we want to show a hero like stats with different hero attributes in percentage.
Our approach :

  • get each exercises record in the Progress propery,
  • Sum every repetitions,
  • convert each total to percentage
  • and add it to its designated position in the chart

Note: We made things simpler by just designating one exercise to one attributes only.

e.g: Jog = Stamina
You can combine exercises that you think best fits an attribute. But in this tutorial we will leave it like that and continue to the next article.

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