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Designing One Punch Man Training App

In the previous article, I’ve learned that to be able to become a superhero I needed to do some exercises. Four exercises to be exact. This must be completed everyday for three years. I needed to submit the exercises name and how many repetitions I did. Knowing this simple data will help big in designing one punch man training app.

  • Push Ups
  • Sit Ups
  • Squats
  • 10 Kilometer run

Data I needed to see in a report

I want more than just total repetitions in my report. It must be more like a simple hero statistics, with different hero attributes. I think this four attributes below would be enough. To make things more interesting, we will add our current hero ranking and total days progress.

  • Upper Strength
  • Lower Strength
  • Stamina
  • Durability

Data Storage

I’ll be using an XML file as a saved file. I think using an XML file as an storage would be enough. Every time an exercise is submitted this file must update. I also tried putting a three year worth of data in the file. Its a simple test to check the app performance in case the XML file became cluttered with data.

Designing One Punch Man Training App Forms

Using Visual Studio I created two forms. Named SubjectForm and ExercisesForm. I also added the controls needed in the forms positioned like what the images shows.
Designing One Punch Man Training App Subject Form
Subject Form consists of :

  • labels that shows my current Hero Rank
  • total number of Days
  • chart that displays my super hero attributes in percentage
  • different submit button for each exercises
  • and a daily repetition counter under each submit button

In my ExercisesForm, I use a slider that must automatically changed its maximum value each time the form is called. Each value must not exceeds the needed repetition per day.
Designing One Punch Man Training App Exercises Form
Needed exercises are :

  • Push Ups 100 Repetition
  • Sit Ups 100 Repetition
  • Squats 100 Repetition
  • 10 Kilometer run

Design Features

The form will only allow submissions of exercises. E.g, exercises name and total repetitions per day
The app must automatically calculate all the data and show progress in the main form by means of chart
Editing old records and adding additional exercises is not allowed in this app version.

In case an additional feature is added. It will be posted in a separate article.

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