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GCash App GForest – Be a Green Hero

Information GCash Forest - Be a Green Hero

GCash App GForest probably is one of my favorite feature of the GCash app. Not only that it helps you have a healthy lifestyle it also helps maintain our environment. If you still aren’t using GCash, try reading GCash – My Favorite E-Wallet for a quick information.

What is GCash App GForest?

GCash GForest is one of GCash’s best feature that helps maintain the Philippine forestry. If you want to partake in restoring our forest, immediately activating this feature is one of the cool ways to do it. By simply earning green energy (points use in the app), you can plant and grow trees in real life. Yes, you read it right, in real life. Thus it is now easier to help our environment.

And kudos to GCash for having this feature.

Benefits of Activating GCash App GForest

Instantly Becoming a Green Hero

By using this feature and collecting green points you immediately becomes a green hero. Either by buying trees or by just doing simple tasks that reduces carbon footprint, it pushes individuals to help the environment. So if your already on to cashless payments and want to become a green hero. Better try GCash Forest via the GCash app.

Giving you Tasks that Makes you Healthier

To acquire green points, one of the simplest way is actually making you have a healthy lifestyle. Linking your favorite health apps gives you everyday points. By converting your daily steps and activities, you’re not just helping the environment, your also keeping yourself healthy.

Gives you Cool Badges and Unlock Achievements

Information GCash GForest - Be a Green Hero - Badges

Each time you plant a tree and contribute to the environment via GCash app GForest. You unlock cool achievements and badges. GForest also awards you with certificates that you can share on your favorite social media sites.

Show your achievements to your love ones so that they can also experience the joy of becoming a Green Hero.

Getting Started

After installing GCash app, you can simply click the GCash Forest leaf icon in your dashboard. By just doing this simple activation, your GCash activities will now be converted to green points. This green points will be used to buy trees in the GForest menu.

GCash App Activies That Helps you Gain Green Points

  • paying bills
  • buying loads
  • cashing in or sending money
  • walking

Additional Information

GCash App GForest trees have limited stocks so if you have acquired enough points always check for an available tree to plant.

Green points needs to be collecte. So always check for green points a day after your GCash app transactions.

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