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Mobile Number Prefixes in The Philippines

Online Tools Mobile Number Prefixes in the Philippines

Confused whether to respond when unknown mobile number prefixes appears on your contacts? Well, we’ve gathered this list for you. But before that.

What are Mobile Number Prefixes?

Mobile number prefixes are the first four or five digits of any mobile number. This numbers consist of the country code and the three digit mobile area code.
E.g.: 0912 345 6789 or +63912 345 6789
With +63 as the Philippine country code and 912 as your mobile area code.

Why Do We Need a List?

SMS almost died when instant messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp became popular. But some of us still uses text messaging as a means of communication. And as a matter of fact, mobile numbers are often required as an additional security features on most online accounts. Most of our delivery service riders uses text messages as their means of communication. And knowing what mobile network their using obviously might come in handy.
Here’s some of the few reasons why you might end up using this list.

  • To know what are the existing and exhausted mobile number prefixes
  • Avoid extra charges when responding to new contacts
  • Getting the most out of your network, from promos to exclusive features

Leading Mobile Networks in the Country

  • Smart Communications
    • Sun Cellular
    • TNT
  • Globe Telecom
    • Globe at Home
    • TM
    • Cherry Prepaid
    • GoMo
  • Dito Telecommunity

List of All Mobile Number Prefixes in The Philippines

Dito TelecommunityGlobe Telecom, Touch Mobile, GoMoSmart Communications, PLDT, Sun Cellular, Talk and Text
089509050907 – Talk and Text
089709150909 – Talk and Text
089809160910 – Talk and Text
099109170912 – Talk and Text
09370922 – Sun Cellular
09450923 – Sun Cellular
09530925 – Sun Cellular
09560930 – Talk and Text
09570931 – Sun Cellular
09650932 – Sun Cellular
09660933 – Sun Cellular
09670938 – Talk and Text
09750939 – Talk and Text
09760942 – Sun Cellular
09770943 – Sun Cellular
09950946 – Talk and Text
0996 – Cherry Mobile0947 – Talk and Text
0950 – Talk and Text
list categorized by top three network provider

Additional Information

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