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Managing Records from XML File – One Punch Man Training App

Remember we created an instance of our Progress class in our XmlLoader Load method and filled it with the data we gathered from our xml saved file. To be able to get that object we added a getter and setter accessor in the end of our XmlLoader class. We put the code below in our […]

Adding Chart – One Punch Man Training App

After filling our Progress object with the data we gathered from our xml file. We will now try to display it in our chart. Adding Chart to a Form Let’s put the chart in our SubjectForm. While in form design view open the Toolbox in the Data category, select Chart and drag the chart control […]

Get Data from XML File One Punch Man Training App

After creating a saved file we again call the same BeginLoadingSavedData method. This will again check for the now existing XML file. It will end the loop and we can now fetch the data from our saved file. In our SubjectForm.cs put this code outside the while statement. var loader = new XmlLoader(); loader.Load(SavedDataPath); progress […]

XML File Saved Data One Punch Man Training App

I’m going to put all my daily records in an XML file. Hoped it can also handle a three year worth of records. I always wanted to learn how to use XML as a data storage. And for that I’m choosing XML for this project. Desired XML File format <Training StartOfTime=”” Rank=””> <Progress Day=””> <PushUps></PushUps> […]

Designing One Punch Man Training App

In the previous article, I’ve learned that to be able to become a superhero I needed to do some exercises. Four exercises to be exact. This must be completed everyday for three years. I needed to submit the exercises name and how many repetitions I did. Knowing this simple data will help big in designing […]

Creating One Punch Man Training App

Let’s try to Become a Superhero (One Punch Man Reference) Maybe I could be like him. One Punch Man. I want to try his training secret so that I can also become a superhero. I wonder if I can do all his daily routine. Maybe I could if I have my very own training application. […]

Auto Clicker CSharp Tutorial – Let’s Learn Programming

Introduction – Simple Auto Clicker CSharp Tutorial Want to create your own auto clicker this CSharp tutorial might help you. Basically auto clicker are software designed to do a certain job. To automatically click. Because sometimes its kinda feel dull doing recurring tasks. Basically we might want to have an app that can do this […]