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Cheap WordPress Hosting – Make the Most Out of your Money

Why do I Need to look for a Cheap WordPress Hosting?

Looking for a cheap price doesn’t mean your also looking for an incomplete WordPress hosting. This tutorial will help you make the most out of your money.

But Why WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most used Content Management System and you can easily create whatever website your planning in this platform. Having thousands of easy to install themes and plugins, user friendly interface and a healthy community. Thus makes WordPress the number one choice for building a website.

If you want to make a website and you don’t want to consume most of your time coding. Then WordPress is a great choice.

WordPress is Free and Open Source

Yes, using WordPress is free. It is open-source and maintained by a great community. Also there are thousands of free or paid themes and plugins available in their directory. And you can actually host a WordPress website for free via However you most likely need to pay fees for upgrades and features needed on your site.

By the way we won’t be discussing free hosting in this article. I actually tried using it yet I still prefer hosting WordPress in a paid hosting site.

WordPress is Good, Now how to Get a Cheap WordPress Hosting?

Now you want to get a cheap WordPress hosting. But first we need to know basic website needs and how much would it cost. Whether its a simple blog or an e-commerce website necessary add-ons or services are needed for securing and maintaining your site.

  • Domain
  • Web Hosting Provider
  • Content Management System (obviously WordPress)
  • Themes and Plugins
  • SSL Certificates


Basically the address of your website. e.g:, or Mostly cost 0.88$ to a thousand dollars defending on its domain extension.

Content Management System

Well obviously were using WordPress and most web hosting provider have easy-to-install features. You don’t need to worry about technical things but in case your having trouble. You can send a message at [email protected] or fill up the contact form here.

Themes and Plugins

There are tons of free WordPress themes and plugins in the directory. All can be downloaded and activated instantly. We won’t discuss more about this here however we might discuss my must installed WordPress plugins in another blog. Be sure to stay updated and follow @escimma on Facebook and Twitter.

SSL Certificates

This I think is a must have because browser will warn your visitor if your website is lacking SSL. Your website will still works fine though. But vulnerability issues will be prompted and Google will surely warn your visitor about your site. Google prioritizes sites that have valid SSL certificate.

Cheap WordPress Hosting -SSL Error
Connection not secure SSL Certificate error

Depending on your website needs. This will cost 5$ to 100$ a year. And this is really pricey. For some web hosting provider SSL certificates is a good way to make more money. Offering free for your first year and later force you to buy it for a higher price.

Web Hosting Provider

This is where all your website content will be serve. Think of your domain as just a name and hosting provider are the ones that stores your pages. Lot of things to be consider if you want to know a good hosting provider. And to make most out of our money we will dig deeper to that.

Tips on Getting Cheap WordPress Hosting

Pick the Right Domain Base on Your Strategy

  • Original Top Level Domains e.g.: .com, .net, .org
  • Country code Top Level Domains e.g.: .au(Australia), .ru(Russia) or .ph(Philippines)
  • Generic Top Level Domains e.g.: .academy, .mobi, .online

Country code Top Level Domains can most likely cost higher that the original tlds. Meanwhile you can find a 0.88$ Generic tlds on some domain provider. But focusing mostly on popular or original tlds, for example a .com domain, you might need to invest 13$ per year. Though some hosting provider offers free domain depending on their hosting package.

You can also find a .com domain less that 8$/year. Though this will most likely cost higher on the next renewal.

But Why do I need to Pick Original TLDs?

Original TLDs can help you rank higher in search engines. Though that does not mean it will help boost your site ranking. Its just that visitors tends to recognize sites using original tlds than generic ones. But that will obviously depends on your marketing approach or usage.

A 0.88$ generic tld like .mobi can be used if your targeting visitors using mobile devices. And if your getting your visitors on social media sites. Your visitors won’t mind if your using 0.99$ .store domain extensions. In the end, it really depends on your marketing strategy.

I usually buy my domain in Though their are other domain provider that can offer much cheaper price. Just make sure to also check their renewal price and if they provide a great customer service.

Best Time to Buy a Domain

Obviously wait for promos or sales. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are a really great way to get really cheap domains. If your not in a hurry you should try getting your domain at this times.

Must Check Features on Cheap WordPress Hosting

Website up-time, speed and must have features would be hell a lot to check. And yet there are still a lot to consider. We will focus on shared hosting as this article is about being economical. Mostly shared hosting ranges from $1.44 to 10$ per month.

Most web hosting provider will boast about their server up-time and speed. But the fact that we’re choosing shared hosting is simply “you get what you pay for”. But that is not a bad thing though. Obviously when starting a website you need to start with this. And there are many web hosting provider that are dedicated enough to provide good technology for the market. NameCheap and Fastcomet are two great example of this provider.

Choose Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Instead

Search for a web hosting provider that offers lets encrypt. Some hosting company will offer free SSL certificate then asking for a higher renewal price when it expires. Let’s Encrypt is free and a very great choice. Having a web provider that offers this will surely help you lower your website maintenance cost.

Re-Checking our Website Needs

  • Domain – will cost you 0.88$ – 13$ depending on your choices and much cheaper if you are willing to wait for a sale
  • Web Hosting Provider – Namecheap is a great place for beginner though their SSL offer will annualy cost expenses. Though honestly their prices is still one of the lowest in the market.
  • Content Management System – (obviously WordPress and its Free)
  • Themes and Plugins – (also free and will create a new tutorial about this one)
  • SSL Certificates – Be sure to find a hosting provider that offers Let Encrypt

Additional Information about Cheap WordPress Hosting

Namecheap EasyWP is another cheap wordpress hosting provider. You can also try it for free. Though you might need a domain and this isn’t your regular shared hosting. But if you want to avoid the hustle and complicated parts of shared hosting. EasyWP is a great choice. You can read Using Namecheap EasyWP WordPress for additional information.

Considering all the information in this article. You can probably host your own WordPress website for 15$ or less a year. Yes a year. More than that for me would be pricey. And if you want to maintain a 15$/year range you might consider transferring website annually. This needs technical skills but obviously web hosting provider offers the best price on your first year. And taking advantage of that would not be so bad.

That’s it! Thanks for reading. Goodluck!

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