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GCash – My Favorite E-Wallet

Information GCash My Favorite E-Wallet

What is GCash?

Probably my favorite e-wallet. GCash turns your smartphones into a mobile wallet that can be use to pay bills, shop, send and receive money fast and conveniently. Also when linked to your bank accounts, the app can be use to instantly transfer or deposit money online.

This app totally helps me in a lot of ways. If you still aren’t using GCash, you can download the app here.

Benefit of using GCash

User-friendly Interface

Surely beginners can instantly learn how the GCash interface works. Even with many features, it doesn’t feels or look cluttered. It has easy to understand navigation and a simple design that suits my taste (guess I’m just a simple guy after all). You can also register an account in just a few simple steps and requirements.

Lesser GCash Transaction Fees

As of now GCash offers lesser transactions fee compare to its rival company. I also got lucky that both my bank accounts can easily make transactions to my GCash account without charging at all. At the time of this writing, paying bills (in the Philippine) transaction fees:

BillersTransaction Fee
PrimeWater (a water utility company)5Php
MeralcoNo additional fee (except maybe on accounts that reached its due date)
Gcash Transaction fees as of this 2020

Fun thing is you can also pay bills simply by just scanning QR Codes.

Has my Favorite Feature, The GCash Forest

Not just lesser transaction fees, GCash also helps the environment by planting trees. Just by using the app, eg: paying bills, buying load, bank transfer or simply by just exercising, you can earn green energy. A virtual point that can be used to buy trees. Collecting green energy balls is fun, and just by doing it you can help our environment.

Some Minor Drawback

Well, its not good if we just talk about good qualities. I also want to have more of what GCash can offer. Not that I’m being discontented, but there are issues that we wish to have or perhaps want to be upgraded. Here are some of the things:

  • Needs more security feature? Its money that where talking so it might not be bad to have more than just an MPIN (acts as your GCash password).
  • GCash Mastercard is not personalized? Well I want my card to have my name (just want my label on it). Obviously not having such identification will cause trouble. And the fact that the card can be bought easily might not be good at all.
  • Accounts only relies on sim card numbers, losing or deactivation of sims might cause problems in retrieving or accessing GCash account. Well you can definitely contact GCash support though.

Getting Started

All you need is a smartphone, a sim card, and the app.

  • Just download the GCash app, available in Google Play Store and App Store
  • Provide necessary personal information eg: mobile number, complete name and email address
  • And assign a four digit security code that will be use to accesss GCash features

Additional Information

Globe and TM subscribers can now access GCash without data charge. Some features can be access are:

  • Buy Load
  • Pay Bills
  • Express Send
  • GCash Forest and many more

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