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Creating One Punch Man Training App

Let’s try to Become a Superhero (One Punch Man Reference)

Maybe I could be like him. One Punch Man. I want to try his training secret so that I can also become a superhero. I wonder if I can do all his daily routine. Maybe I could if I have my very own training application. Yeah, I know I could. So I’m going to start by building One Punch Man Training App.
Don’t have any idea on who One Punch Man is? You better check it now.

What/Who is One Punch Man?

It is an anime featuring a man who has acquired an overwhelming power. A power that can destroy an opponent in just a single punch. Well that was the title said. So let’s just continue with our heroine’s training secret.

What is his Training Secret?

In the 11th chapter of the series. Saitama, our protagonist tells his secret. He said he trained for three years. Doing a hundred push-ups, a hundred sit-ups, a hundred squats and run 10 kilometer everyday. Every single day. For three years. I wonder if I can do that.

The Start of a new Project – Creating One Punch Man Training App

I really got inspired by this story. Who doesn’t want to become a superhero? Deciding to become one is easy. Doing that routine is not.

I also have my own issues. I know I easily get distracted by other things. And just doing that would be boring. Maybe having an app with a graph that would record/show my progress would be good. And I also wanted to know my current hero ranking. I wonder if C-Sharp could help me.

One Punch Man Training App GUI

One Punch Man Training App GUI
Just ignore the Jog button. I really don’t have the guts to do running. Setting that aside. That’s what my application would look like. Now using C-Sharp and Visual Studio let’s try to become a superhero. Yay!

Continue reading post that corresponds to this project. An e-book about One Punch Man Training App development will soon be uploaded.

Additional Information

This application is only built for Windows. You also need to download .Net to make things work. Changes in the stats will show when you completed 11 days of training. Yes I am currently using the app. Though it still lack feature of what I visualize for my training app. Upgrades and changes will be made to this project. Though if you want to try the app while reading the tutorial. The download link is added below.
Download One Punch Man Training App
Happy training,…

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